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De Martino set to measure its Water Footprint

A Water Footprint is the total volume of freshwater used to produce goods and services, and according to Marco Antonio De Martino, Head of Sustainability at the winery, this latest development goes hand in hand with the environmental work done by De Martino so far.

"As a company we firmly believe in responsible management and restrained use of water resources, not only in our wine cellars, but also in our vineyards. For us, producing wines in an environmentally-friendly way is the only way to maintain the exceptional conditions at our various vineyards", he insists.

This latest advance adds to the environmental work already carried out by the winery. As well as being an important producer of organic products in Chile, they are the first Carbon Neutral winery in South America, and the first winery in the world able to trade in the international carbon credit market.

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