Berkmann's Wine Cellars

Gaillac's x2!

One of France’s oldest winemaking regions, with at least 2,000 years’ viticulture behind it, Gaillac is pretty much half-way between Bordeaux and the Languedoc, and the style, likewise, mixes the structure of the former with the lushness of the latter.


The producer we’ve chosen, Château Lions Lamartine, is a 5th-generation family estate who manage to combine, in my opinion, authenticity, deliciousness and value for money – the holy trinity! You’re getting something both tasty and local, with some properly indigenous grape varieties in the mix: the white is 50% Muscadelle, 40% Loin de l'Oeil and 10% Mauzac, while the red is 40% Duras, 20% Braucol, 20% Syrah and 20% Merlot.


Whether it’s by the glass in a Toulousain bistro, or helping give some depth and colour to a multi-country list at this key price point, I hope that you and your customers will enjoy these characterful, generous wines.


Alex Hunt

Purchasing Director